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Environmental Testing and Consulting

Keeping company properties safe for workers and customers alike is essential to a business’s success. Employees need to feel secure when going into work, especially in industries where heavy machinery is used. Responsible business executives know that regular environmental testing and consulting is important to keeping a business up to code and safe for employees to continue their work. Through environmental testing, companies can identify health hazards existent in their buildings and create plans of attack through remediation and removal of these hazards with the help of groups like Abacus Environmental. It takes a thorough and complete sampling of a site to give an accurate assessment of the healthiness of a building. Airtek Environmental inspectors are specially trained to perform tests that provide accurate data for companies to use.

Environmental Testing and Consulting Process

With the in-depth inspections provided by Abacus, companies can easily avoid these risks to profit and reputation

Before a company can schedule and utilize the data collected from environmental testing, it’s important to understand what environmental testing is and how it can help a business succeed. Environmental testing is the process of taking samples from a building to test for contaminants and pollutants that could cause health issues for people who use the building. These samples can be taken from the soil, water, surfaces within a building, and even the air inside the building. Inspectors perform tests that identify the presence of environmental hazards like mold lead.

The data collected indicates the severity of contamination within a building and locates potential problem areas to help companies perform preventative measures against future contamination. By usin environmental testing and consulting, company owners and safety officers are able to get a full picture of the health of their properties and can prevent future epidemics of health issues. Widespread illness among employees can lead to expensive losses due to a reduction in productivity and frequent absences. If contamination is left unmanaged, companies can even face fines and reprimands from OSHA for failing to meet regulations. With the in-depth inspections provided by Airtek Environmental, companies can easily avoid these risks to profit and reputation.

Most Reputable Environmental Testing and Consulting Services in New York

Abacus Baltimore’s most reputable service for performing inspections, testing and consultations for companies. Abacus’ state of the art laboratory facilities provide testing services for companies, day or night. We supply businesses with in-depth analyses on the environmental health of their properties and provide expert consultation services to companies looking to remediate environmental threats present in their buildings. With Abacus, companies get around-the-clock service and fast turnaround times on data reports, allowing companies to address environmental hazards quickly.

Maintaining a healthy working environment for employees is known to increase productivity and cut costs for businesses throughout the fiscal year. Abacus’ efficient and well-knowledged staff will help your business be effective in managing the safety of your properties through environmental testing and consulting. By working with a reputable, longstanding business like Abacus, you know you will get the quality service you need to make your business the best it can be. Contact abacus by calling today to schedule an appointment with our inspectors for a consultation

Along with our accredited partner laboratories, we provide the following testing services:

Asbestos Analysis

Phase contrast microscopy (PCM) — asbestos air samples, polarized light microscopy (PLM) — asbestos bulk samples, non-friable/organically bound (PLM-NOB) — asbestos bulk samples, transmission electron microscopy (TEM) — asbestos air samples, non-friable/organically bound (TEM-NOB) — asbestos bulk samples.

Lead-based Paint Analysis

X-ray florescent (XRF)
On-site service testing, atomic absorption
Paint chip samples, atomic absorption
Lead dust samples, atomic absorption
Lead air samples.

Water Analysis

Metals (Including Lead)
Legionella bacteria
Total and fecal coliform bacteria.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) analysis

Total airborne particulate, respirable particulate (NIOSH), airborne fibers, total mold spores, total bacteria, carbon monoxide, ozone, oxides of nitrogen, temperature and relative humidity, airborne lead, miscellaneous other NIOSH, OSHA and EPA analyses.

Soil and Groundwater Analysis

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Semivolatile Organic Compounds (SVOCs)
Pesticides and Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB)
Target Analyte List (TAL) Metals