Lead Pain Management


It has been estimated that over half of all buildings in the United States constructed before 1978 contain lead paint. Although children are the most vulnerable to lead poisoning, lead also presents a threat to workers performing renovations that disturb the paint as well as to residents of the renovated space. Lead paint removal is expensive. What’s more, it is not the only solution to a lead paint problem.

Lead-based Paint Surveys and Sampling: Abacus has a staff of USEPA licensed lead-based paint inspectors/Risk Assessors. These inspectors are all versed in the proper sampling procedures for paint chip, dust wipe, and water sampling. Abacus’s inspectors are also factory trained in lead testing, including the proper use of X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology for the detection of lead in paint. The inspectors are also trained in the collection of lead-in-air samples during monitoring of lead abatement activities. Abacus is fully equipped, trained, and experienced in this discipline.

Abacus will take the time to show you the various ways the problem can be dealt with, and will outline costs of the options.

Abacus also keeps its clients up to date on new legislation and ready to respond to the regulations governing the identification and abatement of lead.