Microbial risk management

Our trained Industrial Hygienists are highly skilled at assessing and identifying conditions that lead to microbial growth. When Airtek Environmental comes to the Client work site for a microbial assessment, we bring expert knowledge of best practice policies and procedures for identifying conditions, 
assessing risk, and developing effective response, mitigation and clearance. In addition to conducting microbial risk 
assessment investigations and abatement management, 

Abacus provides the following services:

– Visual assessment of building and mechanical systems
– Review of HVAC maintenance practices
– Collection and analysis of surface and air samples
– Preparation of remediation specifications and cleanup standards
– Monitoring of remediation projects
– Preparation of operation and maintenance plans to prevent the re-occurrence of microbial growth
– Assessment and sampling for water-derived pathogens such as Legionella bacteria in high-risk environments
– Assessments include evaluation of HVAC cooling towers and potable water systems